VisioMove Essential (iOS)  1.23.0
<VMELifeCycleListener> Protocol Reference


Interface definition of methods that are invoked when life cycle events occur.

@interface SampleViewController : UIViewController <VMELifeCycleListener>
- (void)viewDidLoad {
// ...
[self.mapView setLifeCycleListener:self];
[self.mapView loadMap];
-(void)mapDidLoad:(VMEMapView*)mapView {
// ...

Inherits <NSObject>.

Instance Methods

(void) - mapReadyForPlaceUpdate:
 Invoked when the map view is ready to receive place updates. More...
(void) - mapDidInitializeEngine:
 Invoked when the 3D rendering engine has been initialized. More...
(void) - mapDidLoad:
 Invoked when the map bundle has been loaded and is ready to gain focus. More...
(void) - mapDidGainFocus:
 Invoked when the map has returned to normal focus. More...
(void) - map:didDisplayRoute:
 Invoked when a route is displayed within the map. More...
(void) - map:didDisplayPlaceInfo:
 Invoked when the place info is displayed above the map. More...
(void) - mapDidDisplaySearch:
 Invoked when the search view is displayed above the map. More...
(void) - mapDidDisplayRouteSetup:
 Invoked when the route setup view is displayed above the map. More...
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