VisioMove Essential (iOS)  1.23.0
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 VMEMapViewThis is the main class of VisioMove Essential for iOS and is the entry point for all methods related to the map
 Create Map ViewMethods to create a map view
 Configure Map BundleDefine the map bundle to be displayed within the map view
 ListenersSet listeners before loading map in order to receive events
 Display MapLoad / unload map content or set focus on map
 CameraUpdate the camera to focus on specific targets
 SceneUpdate the scene to control what is visible within the map
 NavigationCompute routes and display them within the map
 User's LocationInject the user's location into the map and set it's tracking mode
 View CustomizationCustomize the appearance of the map view
 Location OverlayCustomize the appearance of the user's location overlay
 SearchDisplay the search view containing a list of places within the map
 PlacesAnnotate, create, update, and query places within the map
 Overlay ViewsAdd custom content above the map surface
 Collect StatisticsAnonymously collect data for analysis within VisioStats
 Version infoRetrieve versioning information related to the SDK
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