VisioMove Essential (iOS)  1.23.0
VMECameraDistanceRange Class Reference


VMECameraDistanceRange represents a distance element that may be associated with a VMECameraUpdate object.

It encapsulates some logic for controlling the distance of the camera. It should only be constructed using the factory helper methods below.

The camera will use the previously specified camera distance range when it's not specified in the camera update.

VMECameraUpdate* lUpdate = [VMECameraUpdate cameraUpdateWithBuilderBlock:^(VMECameraUpdateBuilder *builder) {
builder.distanceRange = [VMECameraDistanceRange cameraDistanceRangeMinAltitude:100 andMaxAltitude:100];
In the above example, the camera will keep its altitude = 100 until another VMECameraUpdate is set with a new VMECameraDistanceRange.

The VMECameraDistanceRange object is immutable.


Inherits NSObject, and <NSCopying>.

Class Methods

(instancetype) + cameraDistanceCurrentAltitudeRange
 Keep the camera's current altitude range. More...
(instancetype) + cameraDistanceDefaultAltitudeRange
 Use the default altitude range. More...
(instancetype) + cameraDistanceRangeMinRadius:andMaxRadius:
 Use the radius to control the distance of the camera. More...
(instancetype) + cameraDistanceRangeMinAltitude:andMaxAltitude:
 Use the altitude to control the distance of the camera. More...
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