VisioMove Essential (Android)  1.25.2
VMEPlaceVisibilityRamp Class Reference


An object that controls the place's visibility as a function of the camera's altitude.


Public Member Functions

 VMEPlaceVisibilityRamp ()
 Creates a visibility ramp object with some default values. More...
 VMEPlaceVisibilityRamp (double startVisible, double fullyVisible, double startInvisible, double fullyInVisible)
 Creates a visibility ramp object with a user defined ramp. More...
double getStartVisible ()
double getFullyVisible ()
double getStartInvisible ()
double getFullyInvisible ()
void setStartVisible (double startVisible)
void setFullyVisible (double fullyVisible)
void setStartInvisible (double startInvisible)
void setFullyInvisible (double fullyInvisible)
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