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VgMarkerType Class Reference

Public Member Functions

final int swigValue ()
String toString ()

Static Public Member Functions

static VgMarkerType swigToEnum (int swigValue)

Static Public Attributes

static final VgMarkerType eVgMarkerText = new VgMarkerType("eVgMarkerText")
static final VgMarkerType eVgMarkerIcon = new VgMarkerType("eVgMarkerIcon")

Detailed Description

Defines the available types of Marker.


Member Function Documentation

final int VgMarkerType.swigValue ( )
String VgMarkerType.toString ( )

Member Data Documentation

final VgMarkerType VgMarkerType.eVgMarkerIcon = new VgMarkerType("eVgMarkerIcon")

Marker using an icon ( Vg3DModule::VgIconMarker )

final VgMarkerType VgMarkerType.eVgMarkerText = new VgMarkerType("eVgMarkerText")

Marker using a text ( Vg3DModule::VgTextMarker )

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