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VgColor Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 VgColor (float pRed, float pGreen, float pBlue, float pAlpha)
 VgColor (float pRed, float pGreen, float pBlue)
 VgColor (float pRed, float pGreen)
 VgColor (float pRed)
 VgColor ()
 VgColor (VgColor pColor)
void setMRed (float value)
float getMRed ()
void setMGreen (float value)
float getMGreen ()
void setMBlue (float value)
float getMBlue ()
void setMAlpha (float value)
float getMAlpha ()

Detailed Description

This struct represents a color. It is defined using four values: The first three values represent red, green and blue (respectively) following the additive color model and the last value is for alpha (transparency). Those values can be set in the [0.0, 1.0] range. A value of 1.0 for alpha means that the color is completely opaque, while a value of 0.0 means the color is completely transparent.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

VgColor.VgColor ( float  pRed,
float  pGreen,
float  pBlue,
float  pAlpha 

Constructs a color with the RGBA value pRed, pGreen, pBlue and pAlpha. The parameters must be in the [0.0, 1.0] range. Default values are set to (0.0, 0.0, 0.0, 1.0) (opaque black).

VgColor.VgColor ( float  pRed,
float  pGreen,
float  pBlue 
VgColor.VgColor ( float  pRed,
float  pGreen 
VgColor.VgColor ( float  pRed)
VgColor.VgColor ( )
VgColor.VgColor ( VgColor  pColor)

Copy constructor.


Member Function Documentation

float VgColor.getMAlpha ( )
float VgColor.getMBlue ( )
float VgColor.getMGreen ( )
float VgColor.getMRed ( )
void VgColor.setMAlpha ( float  value)
void VgColor.setMBlue ( float  value)
void VgColor.setMGreen ( float  value)
void VgColor.setMRed ( float  value)

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