VisioMove SDK (Android)  2.1.22
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VgOrientationDoublePair Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 VgOrientationDoublePair ()
 VgOrientationDoublePair (VgOrientation first, double second)
 VgOrientationDoublePair (VgOrientationDoublePair p)
void setFirst (VgOrientation value)
VgOrientation getFirst ()
void setSecond (double value)
double getSecond ()

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

VgOrientationDoublePair.VgOrientationDoublePair ( )
VgOrientationDoublePair.VgOrientationDoublePair ( VgOrientation  first,
double  second 
VgOrientationDoublePair.VgOrientationDoublePair ( VgOrientationDoublePair  p)

Member Function Documentation

VgOrientation VgOrientationDoublePair.getFirst ( )
double VgOrientationDoublePair.getSecond ( )
void VgOrientationDoublePair.setFirst ( VgOrientation  value)
void VgOrientationDoublePair.setSecond ( double  value)

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