VisioMove SDK (Android)  2.1.22
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VgEGLConfigChooser Class Reference

Inherits EGLConfigChooser.

Public Member Functions

void setNeedsTransparency (boolean pNeedsTransparency)
void setNeedsGLES2 (boolean pNeedsGLES2)
EGLConfig chooseConfig (EGL10 egl, EGLDisplay display)
boolean usesCoverageAa ()

Member Function Documentation

EGLConfig VgEGLConfigChooser.chooseConfig ( EGL10  egl,
EGLDisplay  display 
void VgEGLConfigChooser.setNeedsGLES2 ( boolean  pNeedsGLES2)
void VgEGLConfigChooser.setNeedsTransparency ( boolean  pNeedsTransparency)
boolean VgEGLConfigChooser.usesCoverageAa ( )

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