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VgQuadtreeLayoutDescriptor Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for VgQuadtreeLayoutDescriptor:
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Public Member Functions

 VgQuadtreeLayoutDescriptor (float pRootSize, long pNumLevels)
 VgQuadtreeLayoutDescriptor (float pRootSize)
 VgQuadtreeLayoutDescriptor ()
void setMRootSize (float value)
float getMRootSize ()
void setMNumLevels (long value)
long getMNumLevels ()

Detailed Description

This class is a descriptor for a quadtree based spatial layout.


Constructor & Destructor Documentation

VgQuadtreeLayoutDescriptor.VgQuadtreeLayoutDescriptor ( float  pRootSize,
long  pNumLevels 


pRootSizeThe size of the root element.
pNumLevelsThe number of quadtree levels in the layout.
VgQuadtreeLayoutDescriptor.VgQuadtreeLayoutDescriptor ( float  pRootSize)
VgQuadtreeLayoutDescriptor.VgQuadtreeLayoutDescriptor ( )

Member Function Documentation

long VgQuadtreeLayoutDescriptor.getMNumLevels ( )
float VgQuadtreeLayoutDescriptor.getMRootSize ( )
void VgQuadtreeLayoutDescriptor.setMNumLevels ( long  value)
void VgQuadtreeLayoutDescriptor.setMRootSize ( float  value)

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