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VgIAnimationManager Class Reference

Public Member Functions

void setCameraAnimation (VgAnimationRefPtr pAnimation)

Detailed Description

This class is a manager for animations. It contains a method to set up camera animations. This is an interface to a hiden implementation. It should never be directly instantiated. An instance of this class can be obtained through VgEngine::VgIEngine::editAnimationManager() .

Member Function Documentation

void VgIAnimationManager.setCameraAnimation ( VgAnimationRefPtr  pAnimation)

This method uses an instantiated animation to animate the camera. Only the position and orientation channels will be used.

the animations will execute regardless of whether a configuration is loaded. in case the animation references scene objects or objects that may no longer exist it is useful to call setCameraAnimation(NULL) at the end
pAnimationThe pointer of the animation to use. if NULL, the current animation will be dereferenced silently: no longer updated and its stop callback will not be called

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