VisioWeb Remote 1.9.7



Here you will find the change log for VisioWebRemote.
VisioWebRemote-1.9.7, 2020/05/08
[added] 'enabled' flag in parameters.ui.placeinfo to allow developers not to display the default placeinfo.
[added] events sub-section in parameters.mapview
[added] 'enableMouseover' in to allow developers not to use highlight on mouseover
[added] 'listenTo' in It's an array of strings defining events that will be forwarded to VisioWeb Remote.
    The events that are currently supported are: 'mouseup', 'exploreStateWillChange' and 'exploreStateChanged'.
[added] callbacks to VisioWebRemote class to handle those events.
[added] possibility to call setPlaceName, setPlaceColor, setPlaceDescription, setPlacePosition and addPlace for multiple places in one API call.
    As API calls are sent through the HTML Message API and executed every frame, there could be a long delay in setting names for all places for example.

VisioWebRemote-1.9.0, 2019/02/15
[fixed] Zoom buttons: animation was not properly cancelled.
[moved] language parameter outside of locale.navigation sub-parameters

VisioWebRemote-1.8.12, 2018/12/05
[fixed] goToPlace would not activate the target floor when using radius option.
[fixed] iOS 12 browsers would capture gestures and induce unwanted behavior in the map.
[added] APIs for map exploration: goToGlobal, goToBuilding and goToFloor.

VisioWebRemote-1.8.11, 2018/10/17
- Initial release.