VisioMove Essential (iOS)  1.23.0
VMEPosition Class Reference


A VMEPosition object represents a position incorporating the geographical coordinates, altitude and associated building and floor.

Typically, you can use a VMEPosition object when moving the camera, anchoring overlays to the map, creating a route from a position, etc.


Inherits NSObject, and <NSCopying>.

Instance Methods

(instancetype) - initWithLatitude:longitude:altitude:scene:
 Constructor for creating a position object inside. More...
(instancetype) - initWithLatitude:longitude:altitude:
 Constructor for creating a position object outside. More...
(BOOL) - isEqualToPosition:
 Determines if this object is equal to another VMEPosition object. More...


double latitude
 The latitude of the position. More...
double longitude
 The longitude of the position. More...
double altitude
 The altitude of the position. More...
 The position's scene context. More...
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