VisioMove Essential (iOS)  1.23.0

◆ animateCamera:duration:callback:()

- (void) animateCamera: (VMECameraUpdate *)  update
duration: (float)  duration
callback: (id< VMEAnimationCallback >)  callback 

Animates the movement of the camera from the current position to the position defined in the update.

See also
VMECameraUpdate for the available update Create Map View.
updateThe update to apply.
durationThe duration (in seconds) of the camera animation.
callbackThe callback to be notified of any animation events. Can pass nil if indifferent to animation events.
VMECameraUpdate* lUpdate = [VMECameraUpdate cameraUpdateWithBuilderBlock:^(VMECameraUpdateBuilder *builder) {
builder.targets = [NSArray arrayWithObject:@"B2-UL00"];
builder.heading = [VMECameraHeading cameraHeadingForPlaceID:@"B2"];
builder.distanceRange = [VMECameraDistanceRange cameraDistanceRangeMinRadius:40 andMaxRadius:200];
builder.pitch = [VMECameraPitch cameraPitchWithPitch:-30] ;
builder.viewMode = VMEViewModeFloor;
[self.mapView animateCamera:lUpdate duration:1.5 listener:self];
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