VisioMove Essential (iOS)  1.23.0

◆ createPositionFromLocation:()

- (VMEPosition*) createPositionFromLocation: (CLLocation *)  location

Takes a native location object and converts it to a VisioMove Essential object Uses the geo-fences within the map bundle to determine if the location falls within a builing and if so, what floor.

By setting the CLLocation's verticalAccuracy to -1, the VMEPosition will be forced to the outside (independent of whether it falls within a building's geo-fence).
This method will return nil if called prior to mapDidLoad: (VMELifeCycleListener-p).
locationA location object. The 'altitude' attribute will be used to determine the correct floor.
A VMEPosition indicating the location within the venue, or nil if the location is invalid or does not exist within the venue.
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