VisioMove Essential (Android)  1.23.0

◆ addOverlayView() [4/4]

boolean addOverlayView ( String  overlayViewID,
View  view,
VMEPosition  anchorPosition,
VMEAnchorMode  anchorMode 

Adds a native overlay view above the map that's associated with a position.

overlayViewIDThe id to given to overlay view. Must be unique.
viewThe native view to added to the map.
anchorPositionThe position to which the overlay view will be anchored.
anchorModeThe part of the view to be anchored to the map.
true if the overlay was added to the map, otherwise false.
View lView = pInflater.inflate(R.layout.overlay, new FrameLayout(getContext()), false)
String lTitle = (TextView) lView.findViewById(;
lTitle.setText("45.74271 N 4.88076 E");
mMapView.addOverlayView("info_overlay_id", lView, new VMEPosition(45.74271f, 4.88076f, 0.0f, "B4", "B4-UL01"), VMEAnchorMode.CENTER_LEFT);
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