VisioMove Essential (Android)  1.25.2
VMESceneUpdate Class Reference


Represents a scene update that can be applied to the VMEMapView.

Use the provided constructors to instantiate different types of scene updates. A scene update can be used to change the following:

  • view mode
  • focused building
  • focused floor

Updating the scene will not update the camera.

Due to the "zoom storyboard", if the camera is focused on a different building to that in the requested scene update, then the next time the user interacts with the map, the focused building will change automatically.

Static Public Member Functions

static VMESceneUpdate newViewMode (VMEViewMode viewMode)
 Update the scene's view mode. More...
static VMESceneUpdate newViewModeBuildingID (VMEViewMode viewMode, String buildingID)
 Update the scene. More...
static VMESceneUpdate newViewModeFloorID (VMEViewMode viewMode, String floorID)
 Update the scene. More...
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