VisioMove Essential (Android)  1.25.2
VMEPosition Class Reference


A VMEPosition object represents a position incorporating the geographical coordinates, altitude and associated building and floor.

Typically, you can use a VMEPosition object when moving the camera, anchoring overlays to the map, creating a route from a position, etc.


Public Member Functions

 VMEPosition (double latitude, double longitude, double altitude, VMESceneContext scene)
 Constructor for creating a position object. More...
 VMEPosition (double latitude, double longitude, double altitude)
 Constructor for creating a position object outside. More...
 VMEPosition (VMEPosition position)
 A copy construction. More...
double getLatitude ()
double getLongitude ()
double getAltitude ()
VMESceneContext getScene ()
boolean equals (Object object)
 Compares this position to the specified object. More...
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