VisioMove Essential (Android)  1.25.2
VMEPlaceFilter Class Reference


An object that defines the criteria for performing a place query.


Public Member Functions

 VMEPlaceFilter (String placeID)
 Instantiates a route request. More...
 VMEPlaceFilter (VMEPosition position)
 Instantiates a route request. More...
Object getTarget ()
 The target is the center point around which the filter parameters will be applied. More...
void setRestrictToPlaceIDs (List< String > restrictToPlaceIDs)
 Restricts the place results to this array of place ids. More...
List< String > getRestrictToPlaceIDs ()
void setRestrictToTargetLayer (Boolean restrictToTargetLayer)
 Restricts the place results to the target's layer. More...
Boolean getRestrictToTargetLayer ()
void setRadius (Double radius)
 Defines the distance (in meters) within which to return place results. More...
Double getRadius ()
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