VisioMove Essential (Android)  1.23.0
VMELifeCycleListener Class Referenceabstract


Interface definition of methods that are invoked when life cycle events occur.

VMELifeCycleListener lifeCycleListener = new VMELifeCycleListener()
public void mapDidLoad(VMEMapView mapView) {
// ...

Public Member Functions

void mapReadyForPlaceUpdate (VMEMapView mapView)
 Invoked when the map view is ready to receive place updates. More...
void mapDidInitializeEngine (VMEMapView mapView)
 Invoked when the 3D rendering engine has been initialized. More...
void mapDidLoad (VMEMapView mapView)
 Invoked when the map bundle has been loaded and is ready to gain focus. More...
void mapDidGainFocus (VMEMapView mapView)
 Invoked when the map has returned to normal focus. More...
void mapDidDisplayRoute (VMEMapView mapView, VMERouteResult result)
 Invoked when a route is displayed within the map. More...
void mapDidDisplayPlaceInfo (VMEMapView mapView, String placeID)
 Invoked when the place info is displayed above the map. More...
void mapDidDisplaySearch (VMEMapView mapView)
 Invoked when the search view is displayed above the map. More...
void mapDidDisplayRouteSetup (VMEMapView mapView)
 Invoked when the route setup view is displayed above the map. More...
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