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VgVectorInterpolationFunctorDescriptor Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for VgVectorInterpolationFunctorDescriptor:
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Public Member Functions

void setMStartPosition (VgPosition value)
VgPosition getMStartPosition ()
void setMEndPosition (VgPosition value)
VgPosition getMEndPosition ()
void setMCubic (boolean value)
boolean getMCubic ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from VgFunctorDescriptor
void setMStartTime (float value)
float getMStartTime ()
void setMEndTime (float value)
float getMEndTime ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from VgReferenced
synchronized void release ()
 VgReferenced ()
 VgReferenced (VgReferenced pThis)
void ref ()
int unref ()
int getNbReferences ()

Static Public Member Functions

create ()

Detailed Description

This class implements descriptors for vector interpolation functors. It will simply interpolate between the start and end vectors using linear interpolation. It is possible to set the functor to use a cubic function to have acceleration at start and deceleration at end.


Member Function Documentation

static VgVectorInterpolationFunctorDescriptorRefPtr VgVectorInterpolationFunctorDescriptor.create ( )

This static method returns a new heap-allocated descriptor. It is the only method that should be used to instantiate new descriptors. It is a way to make sure no one will delete it, except the last VgRefPtr pointing to it.

boolean VgVectorInterpolationFunctorDescriptor.getMCubic ( )
VgPosition VgVectorInterpolationFunctorDescriptor.getMEndPosition ( )
VgPosition VgVectorInterpolationFunctorDescriptor.getMStartPosition ( )
void VgVectorInterpolationFunctorDescriptor.setMCubic ( boolean  value)
void VgVectorInterpolationFunctorDescriptor.setMEndPosition ( VgPosition  value)
void VgVectorInterpolationFunctorDescriptor.setMStartPosition ( VgPosition  value)

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