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VgINavigationListener Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for VgINavigationListener:
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Public Member Functions

void swigReleaseOwnership ()
void swigTakeOwnership ()
void notifyPositionUpdated (VgINavigationConstRefPtr pNavigation, VgPosition pPosition, double pTime)
void notifyNewInstruction (VgINavigationConstRefPtr pNavigation, long pIndex)
- Public Member Functions inherited from VgReferenced
synchronized void release ()
 VgReferenced ()
 VgReferenced (VgReferenced pThis)
void ref ()
int unref ()
int getNbReferences ()

Detailed Description

The VgINavigationListener allow users to be notified of Navigation related events that occur within a VgINavigation Object where the listener has been registered.

Member Function Documentation

void VgINavigationListener.notifyNewInstruction ( VgINavigationConstRefPtr  pNavigation,
long  pIndex 

This method is called when a new position is close to a new segment on the navigation and when a new navigation instruction is more appropriate

pNavigationThe source of the event.
pIndexThe index of the instruction. The index can be used to retrieve the instruction via the VgINavigation::getInstruction() method.
void VgINavigationListener.notifyPositionUpdated ( VgINavigationConstRefPtr  pNavigation,
VgPosition  pPosition,
double  pTime 

This method is called every time a position is injected into the VgINavigation object. The user may query the closest position to the route at this point.

pNavigationThe source of the event.
pPositionNew position of the user
pTimeTime corresponding to when the position was acquired.
void VgINavigationListener.swigReleaseOwnership ( )
void VgINavigationListener.swigTakeOwnership ( )

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