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VgLightConstRefPtr Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 VgLightConstRefPtr ()
 VgLightConstRefPtr (VgLight pPointer)
 VgLightConstRefPtr (VgLightConstRefPtr pConstRefPtr)
VgLightConstRefPtr set (VgLight pPointer)
VgLight __ref__ ()
VgLight __deref__ ()
VgLight get ()
boolean isValid ()
VgAnimationConstRefPtr getAnimation (String pName)
void getAnimationNames (VgStringList pNameList)
VgPosition getPosition ()
VgOrientation getOrientation ()
VgColor getAmbient ()
VgColor getDiffuse ()
VgColor getSpecular ()
VgColor getEmission ()
double getSpotCutoff ()
double getSpotExponent ()
boolean isDirectional ()
void ref ()
int unref ()
int getNbReferences ()

Static Public Member Functions

static VgLightConstRefPtr getNull ()

Detailed Description

This interface handles light management.

Currently only supported on OpenGL ES2.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

VgLightConstRefPtr.VgLightConstRefPtr ( )
VgLightConstRefPtr.VgLightConstRefPtr ( VgLight  pPointer)
VgLightConstRefPtr.VgLightConstRefPtr ( VgLightConstRefPtr  pConstRefPtr)

Member Function Documentation

VgLight VgLightConstRefPtr.__deref__ ( )
VgLight VgLightConstRefPtr.__ref__ ( )
VgLight VgLightConstRefPtr.get ( )
VgColor VgLightConstRefPtr.getAmbient ( )
VgAnimationConstRefPtr VgLightConstRefPtr.getAnimation ( String  pName)

Gets an animation from the light's animation map.

pNameThe name of the animation to fetch.
A const reference pointer that is valid if an animation exists by that name in this light.
void VgLightConstRefPtr.getAnimationNames ( VgStringList  pNameList)

Gets the list of the stored animation names.

pNameListThe list of strings to feed with the names.
VgColor VgLightConstRefPtr.getDiffuse ( )
VgColor VgLightConstRefPtr.getEmission ( )
int VgLightConstRefPtr.getNbReferences ( )
static VgLightConstRefPtr VgLightConstRefPtr.getNull ( )
VgOrientation VgLightConstRefPtr.getOrientation ( )

Gets lights's orientation.

The light's orientation. This value is only valid if the spot cut-off is different than -1.0.
VgPosition VgLightConstRefPtr.getPosition ( )

Gets light's position.

The light's position. This value is ignored if the light is set to be directional.
VgColor VgLightConstRefPtr.getSpecular ( )
double VgLightConstRefPtr.getSpotCutoff ( )
double VgLightConstRefPtr.getSpotExponent ( )
boolean VgLightConstRefPtr.isDirectional ( )

Tell if the light is directional. When a light is directional, every point in the scene is lit along the same direction. The same principle as the light coming from the sun, where all rays are parallel.

true If the light is directional.
boolean VgLightConstRefPtr.isValid ( )
void VgLightConstRefPtr.ref ( )
VgLightConstRefPtr VgLightConstRefPtr.set ( VgLight  pPointer)
int VgLightConstRefPtr.unref ( )

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