VisioMove SDK (Android)  2.1.22
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VgStringSet Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 VgStringSet ()
 VgStringSet (VgStringSet arg0)
long size ()
boolean empty ()
void clear ()
String get (String key)
void insert (String key)
void del (String key)
boolean has_key (String key)
String get (int i)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

VgStringSet.VgStringSet ( )
VgStringSet.VgStringSet ( VgStringSet  arg0)

Member Function Documentation

void VgStringSet.clear ( )
void VgStringSet.del ( String  key)
boolean VgStringSet.empty ( )
String VgStringSet.get ( String  key)
String VgStringSet.get ( int  i)
boolean VgStringSet.has_key ( String  key)
void VgStringSet.insert ( String  key)
long VgStringSet.size ( )

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