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VgSRSConstRefPtr Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 VgSRSConstRefPtr ()
 VgSRSConstRefPtr (VgSRS pPointer)
 VgSRSConstRefPtr (VgSRSConstRefPtr pConstRefPtr)
VgSRSConstRefPtr set (VgSRS pPointer)
VgSRS __ref__ ()
VgSRS __deref__ ()
VgSRS get ()
boolean isValid ()
boolean isGeoReferenced ()
void ref ()
int unref ()
int getNbReferences ()

Static Public Member Functions

static VgSRSConstRefPtr getNull ()

Detailed Description

This abstract class is the superclass of all concrete SRS classes. SRS stands for Spatial Reference System, it describes the space and coordinate system in which positions are expressed. Reference counted.

See also

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

VgSRSConstRefPtr.VgSRSConstRefPtr ( )
VgSRSConstRefPtr.VgSRSConstRefPtr ( VgSRS  pPointer)
VgSRSConstRefPtr.VgSRSConstRefPtr ( VgSRSConstRefPtr  pConstRefPtr)

Member Function Documentation

VgSRS VgSRSConstRefPtr.__deref__ ( )
VgSRS VgSRSConstRefPtr.__ref__ ( )
VgSRS VgSRSConstRefPtr.get ( )
int VgSRSConstRefPtr.getNbReferences ( )
static VgSRSConstRefPtr VgSRSConstRefPtr.getNull ( )
boolean VgSRSConstRefPtr.isGeoReferenced ( )
True if this is a georeferenced SRS, false if it is a custom SRS, i.e a reference system where coordinates cannot be reprojected into a geographic reference system like WGS84.
boolean VgSRSConstRefPtr.isValid ( )
void VgSRSConstRefPtr.ref ( )
VgSRSConstRefPtr VgSRSConstRefPtr.set ( VgSRS  pPointer)
int VgSRSConstRefPtr.unref ( )

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