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VgReferencedConstRefPtr Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 VgReferencedConstRefPtr ()
 VgReferencedConstRefPtr (VgReferenced pPointer)
 VgReferencedConstRefPtr (VgReferencedConstRefPtr pConstRefPtr)
VgReferencedConstRefPtr set (VgReferenced pPointer)
VgReferenced __ref__ ()
VgReferenced __deref__ ()
VgReferenced get ()
boolean isValid ()
void ref ()
int unref ()
int getNbReferences ()

Static Public Member Functions

static VgReferencedConstRefPtr getNull ()

Detailed Description

The VgReferenced class owns the number of references of an object.

It is in charge of deleting the object when there is not more references. To learn more about its usage look at the VgRefPtr documentation.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

VgReferencedConstRefPtr.VgReferencedConstRefPtr ( )
VgReferencedConstRefPtr.VgReferencedConstRefPtr ( VgReferenced  pPointer)
VgReferencedConstRefPtr.VgReferencedConstRefPtr ( VgReferencedConstRefPtr  pConstRefPtr)

Member Function Documentation

VgReferenced VgReferencedConstRefPtr.__deref__ ( )
VgReferenced VgReferencedConstRefPtr.__ref__ ( )
VgReferenced VgReferencedConstRefPtr.get ( )
int VgReferencedConstRefPtr.getNbReferences ( )

Retrieves the number of references to this object.

static VgReferencedConstRefPtr VgReferencedConstRefPtr.getNull ( )
boolean VgReferencedConstRefPtr.isValid ( )
void VgReferencedConstRefPtr.ref ( )

This method is used to add a reference to this object. Only VgRefPtr should call this method unless the caller exactly know what he is doing.

VgReferencedConstRefPtr VgReferencedConstRefPtr.set ( VgReferenced  pPointer)
int VgReferencedConstRefPtr.unref ( )

This method is used to remove a reference to this object. When the object has no more references VgRefPtr will delete it. Only VgRefPtr should call this method unless the caller exactly know what he is doing.

the updated number of references left

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