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VgAltitudeMode Class Reference

Public Member Functions

final int swigValue ()
String toString ()

Static Public Member Functions

static VgAltitudeMode swigToEnum (int swigValue)

Static Public Attributes

static final VgAltitudeMode eRelative = new VgAltitudeMode("eRelative")
static final VgAltitudeMode eAbsolute = new VgAltitudeMode("eAbsolute")

Detailed Description

This enum defines how to interpret an altitude.

Member Function Documentation

final int VgAltitudeMode.swigValue ( )
String VgAltitudeMode.toString ( )

Member Data Documentation

final VgAltitudeMode VgAltitudeMode.eAbsolute = new VgAltitudeMode("eAbsolute")

The altitude is interpreted as the height above the WGS84 ellipsoid

final VgAltitudeMode VgAltitudeMode.eRelative = new VgAltitudeMode("eRelative")

The altitude is interpreted relative to the terrain.

eRelative is effective only after the data has been displayed. It should be used only when inserting POIs into an already loaded map.

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