VisioMove SDK (Android)  2.1.22
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VgIResourceManager Class Reference

Public Member Functions

VgBinaryBufferRefPtr readFromFileOrURL (String pFilenameOrURL)
VgIResourceRequestRefPtr readFromFileOrURL (VgResourceRequestParameters pParameters)

Detailed Description

Manages resources.

Member Function Documentation

VgBinaryBufferRefPtr VgIResourceManager.readFromFileOrURL ( String  pFilenameOrURL)

Reads synchronously a file or a URL. This function does not have the constraint that a configuration has to be loaded.

pFilenameOrURLFile-system path or URL of the resource
The buffer filled with the source content.
VgIResourceRequestRefPtr VgIResourceManager.readFromFileOrURL ( VgResourceRequestParameters  pParameters)

Reads asynchronously a file or a URL.

this function currently works ONLY IF a configuration is loaded since it relies on threads being created.
pParametersParameters of the request.
The resulting request. If the callback is NULL or the URI is empty, it returns NULL.

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