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VgPOIDescriptor Class Reference

Public Member Functions

void setMLayerName (String value)
String getMLayerName ()
void setMCenter (VgPosition value)
VgPosition getMCenter ()
void setMHeight (double value)
double getMHeight ()
void setMHeading (double value)
double getMHeading ()
void setMBoundingPositions (VgPositionVector value)
VgPositionVector getMBoundingPositions ()
 VgPOIDescriptor ()

Detailed Description

The VgPOIDescriptor describes location, footprint, height and other information tied to a POI. This class replaces the old VgMapModule::VgPlaceDescriptor .

This structure contains POI information that can be used to construct an appropriate viewpoint for a POI

// Set the viewpoint of the camera to look at a POI (e.g. a shop, a hall, lobby...)
VgMapModule::VgIMapModule* lMapModule = (VgMapModule::VgIMapModule*)mVgApplication->editModuleManager()->queryModule("Map");
VgMapModule::VgPOIDescriptor lPOIDescriptor;
if ( lMapModule && lMapModule->queryPOIDescriptor("vg-start-position", lPOIDescriptor))
VgEngine::VgICamera* lCamera = mVgApplication->editEngine()->editCamera();
double lCameraPitch = lCamera->getPitch();
const VgMapModule::VgPOIDescriptor::PositionVector& lBoundingPositions = lPOIDescriptor.mBoundingPositions;
VgEngine::VgIViewPoint lStartViewpoint = lCamera->getViewpoint();
lStartViewpoint.mPosition.mZOrAltitude = 0.0;
int padding = 30; // 30 pixels of padding all around
VgEngine::VgIViewPoint lViewpoint = lCamera->getViewpointFromPositions(lBoundingPositions,
padding, padding, padding, padding,
lCameraPitch, lPOIDescriptor.mHeading);
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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

VgPOIDescriptor.VgPOIDescriptor ( )

Member Function Documentation

VgPositionVector VgPOIDescriptor.getMBoundingPositions ( )
VgPosition VgPOIDescriptor.getMCenter ( )
double VgPOIDescriptor.getMHeading ( )
double VgPOIDescriptor.getMHeight ( )
String VgPOIDescriptor.getMLayerName ( )
void VgPOIDescriptor.setMBoundingPositions ( VgPositionVector  value)
void VgPOIDescriptor.setMCenter ( VgPosition  value)
void VgPOIDescriptor.setMHeading ( double  value)
void VgPOIDescriptor.setMHeight ( double  value)
void VgPOIDescriptor.setMLayerName ( String  value)

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