VisioMove SDK (Android)  2.1.22
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VgIRouteConverter Class Reference

Public Member Functions

void convertRoute (VgIRouteConstRefPtr pRoute, VgIRouteGeometryDescriptorVector pRouteGeometriesDescriptor)

Detailed Description

VgIRouteConverter provides a mechanism for converting a VgIRoute into a geometry object(s) displayable by the Vg3DModule .

Member Function Documentation

void VgIRouteConverter.convertRoute ( VgIRouteConstRefPtr  pRoute,
VgIRouteGeometryDescriptorVector  pRouteGeometriesDescriptor 

Converts a route into objects displayable by the Vg3DModule .

pRouteThe route to be converted.
pRouteGeometriesDescriptorA vector containing geometry objects descriptors containing. Each element in the vector sequentially represents a "stage" of the route. A stage starts and finishes with either the first/last point in a layer or a waypoint.

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