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VgIAnimationCallback Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for VgIAnimationCallback:
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Public Member Functions

void swigReleaseOwnership ()
void swigTakeOwnership ()
void onFinish (VgAnimationRefPtr pAnimation)
- Public Member Functions inherited from VgReferenced
synchronized void release ()
 VgReferenced ()
 VgReferenced (VgReferenced pThis)
void ref ()
int unref ()
int getNbReferences ()

Detailed Description

This class defines the interface for animation call backs. To be used, this class must be derived in custom application provided classes that overload the onFinish method.

Member Function Documentation

void VgIAnimationCallback.onFinish ( VgAnimationRefPtr  pAnimation)

This pure virtual method will be called upon animation completion.

pAnimationPointer to the animation that just finished.
void VgIAnimationCallback.swigReleaseOwnership ( )
void VgIAnimationCallback.swigTakeOwnership ( )

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