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VgOrientationType Class Reference

Public Member Functions

final int swigValue ()
String toString ()

Static Public Member Functions

static VgOrientationType swigToEnum (int swigValue)

Static Public Attributes

static final VgOrientationType eVgOrientationFixed = new VgOrientationType("eVgOrientationFixed")
static final VgOrientationType eVgOrientationFixedModulo180degrees = new VgOrientationType("eVgOrientationFixedModulo180degrees")
static final VgOrientationType eVgOrientationCameraFacing = new VgOrientationType("eVgOrientationCameraFacing")

Detailed Description

This enum controls the orientation of the geometry object in relation to the camera. Generally geometry objects face the camera no matter the orientation (pitch/heading) of the camera.

Member Function Documentation

final int VgOrientationType.swigValue ( )
String VgOrientationType.toString ( )

Member Data Documentation

final VgOrientationType VgOrientationType.eVgOrientationCameraFacing = new VgOrientationType("eVgOrientationCameraFacing")

The orientation is updated such that the attributed (be it heading, pitch or roll) always faces the camera.

final VgOrientationType VgOrientationType.eVgOrientationFixed = new VgOrientationType("eVgOrientationFixed")

The orientation does not change in relation to the camera.

final VgOrientationType VgOrientationType.eVgOrientationFixedModulo180degrees = new VgOrientationType("eVgOrientationFixedModulo180degrees")

The orientation is fixed except when the camera "switches" sides, at which point the orientation changes 180 degrees. Used such that geometry objects can always viewed left to right.

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