VisioMove SDK (Android)  2.1.22
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Core Features

  • Multi-floor support

Several floors can be packaged in an data bundle. Routing and navigation seamlessly use all available floors.

  • LOD support

Our map preprocessing generates several levels of detail to ensure visual quality and fluidity for all zoom levels.

  • Cross-platform (iOS, Android, Windows and Linux)

Similar API calls to ease developing native application.

  • Compact Data

Data bundles, which contain among other things map data, are finely tuned to ensure high visual quality whilst still maintaining a small footprint. Most data bundles can be embedded into your application and still match Apple's Apps Store or Google Play restriction for 3G downloading. Or if you prefer, the engine can also stream data bundles via a url. Independent of whether the data bundle is stored on-board or off-board, additional resources can be streamed.

  • Map interactivity

Advanced camera manipulation to aid the user in exploring the map.

  • Performance

High performance and scalability.

  • Animation

Animated 3D models can be added to a map to add that extra 'wow' factor.

Developer API

  • Render 2D, 2.5D and 3D views of any kind of Map.
  • If a map has multiple floors, toggle between them.
  • Control the camera's position and orientation.
  • Receive notification events when your objects are interacted with.
  • Resources streaming.
  • Camera and layer animation.

3D module (optional)

  • Add additional geometries to the map, such as lines and markers. Customize them with color, texture and orientation.
  • Animate geometries to make the map more dynamic.

Map module (optional)

  • Customize places with label, icon, and color.
  • For a given place, set the camera to an associated viewpoint.

Routing module (optional)

  • Calculate a route given start and end points.
  • Exclude routing attributes for a given route. For example, avoid "stairs".
  • Exclude routing modalities for a given route. For example, avoid "shuttle".

Navigation module (optional)

  • Generate Turn by Turn instructions for a given route.
  • Register listeners to be notified of the current navigation instruction as a function of a Latitude/Longitude position.


VisioMove 2.1.22, Visioglobe® 2016