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VgLinkRefPtr Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 VgLinkRefPtr ()
 VgLinkRefPtr (VgLink pPointer)
 VgLinkRefPtr (VgLinkRefPtr pRefPtr)
VgLinkRefPtr set (VgLink pPointer)
VgLink __ref__ ()
VgLink __deref__ ()
VgLink get ()
boolean isValid ()
void setVisible (boolean pIsVisible)
void ref ()
int unref ()
int getNbReferences ()

Static Public Member Functions

static VgLinkRefPtr getNull ()

Detailed Description

This class displays a 'ribbon' that links to positions in the scene. The advantage of using a link rather than a line, is that the start and end positions will be updated when their SRS changes (usually different layers). It is particularly usefull when we want to link positions 'hooked' to layers while they are animated around.

The application needs to keep a reference to the VgLink , otherwise the VgLink will be removed when the last reference from the application is destroyed.
2.1.3 Updated documentation with note about keeping reference in application to avoid removing link.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

VgLinkRefPtr.VgLinkRefPtr ( )
VgLinkRefPtr.VgLinkRefPtr ( VgLink  pPointer)
VgLinkRefPtr.VgLinkRefPtr ( VgLinkRefPtr  pRefPtr)

Member Function Documentation

VgLink VgLinkRefPtr.__deref__ ( )
VgLink VgLinkRefPtr.__ref__ ( )
VgLink VgLinkRefPtr.get ( )
int VgLinkRefPtr.getNbReferences ( )
static VgLinkRefPtr VgLinkRefPtr.getNull ( )
boolean VgLinkRefPtr.isValid ( )
void VgLinkRefPtr.ref ( )
VgLinkRefPtr VgLinkRefPtr.set ( VgLink  pPointer)
void VgLinkRefPtr.setVisible ( boolean  pIsVisible)

Sets the link's visibility.

pIsVisibleIf true, the link will be visible, if false the link will be invisible
int VgLinkRefPtr.unref ( )

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