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VgLineDescriptor Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for VgLineDescriptor:
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Public Member Functions

VgLineDescriptorRefPtr copy ()
void setMPositions (VgPositionVector value)
VgPositionVector getMPositions ()
void setMColors (VgColorVector value)
VgColorVector getMColors ()
void setMWidths (VgDoubleVector value)
VgDoubleVector getMWidths ()
void setMTexture (VgITextureRefPtr value)
VgITextureRefPtr getMTexture ()
void setMTextureSize (float value)
float getMTextureSize ()
void setMTextureAnimationSpeed (float value)
float getMTextureAnimationSpeed ()
void setMLineType (VgLineType value)
VgLineType getMLineType ()
void setMAltitudeMode (VgAltitudeMode value)
VgAltitudeMode getMAltitudeMode ()
void setMMaxCornerRadius (double value)
double getMMaxCornerRadius ()
void setMHaveCaps (boolean value)
boolean getMHaveCaps ()
void setMID (String value)
String getMID ()
void setMMinTesselationDist (float value)
float getMMinTesselationDist ()
VgLineDescriptorRefPtr clone ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from VgGeometryDescriptor
void setMVisibilityRampStartVisible (double value)
double getMVisibilityRampStartVisible ()
void setMVisibilityRampFullyVisible (double value)
double getMVisibilityRampFullyVisible ()
void setMVisibilityRampStartInvisible (double value)
double getMVisibilityRampStartInvisible ()
void setMVisibilityRampFullyInvisible (double value)
double getMVisibilityRampFullyInvisible ()
void setMZIndex (int value)
int getMZIndex ()
void setMDrawOnTop (boolean value)
boolean getMDrawOnTop ()
void setMScale (float value)
float getMScale ()
void setMNotifyPOISelectedOnClick (boolean value)
boolean getMNotifyPOISelectedOnClick ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from VgReferenced
synchronized void release ()
 VgReferenced ()
 VgReferenced (VgReferenced pThis)
void ref ()
int unref ()
int getNbReferences ()

Static Public Member Functions

static VgLineDescriptorRefPtr create ()

Detailed Description

A structure which describes the attributes of a Vg3DModule::VgLine .

Below is a code snippet showing how an allocated VgPointDescriptor can be configured:

VgApplication::VgIApplication* mVgApplication;
VgEngine::VgRefPtr< VgEngine::VgITexture > mTexture;
VgEngine::VgPosition mStartPos;
VgEngine::VgPosition mEndPos;
Vg3DModule::VgLineDescriptor lLineDesc;
const float lTextureSize = 1.0;
lLineDesc.mLineType = Vg3DModule::eGeometryConstantSize;
lLineDesc.mTextureAnimationSpeed = 4.0;
lLineDesc.mColors.push_back(VgEngine::VgColor(1.0, 1.0, 1.0, 1.0));
lLineDesc.mTexture =mTexture.get();
lLineDesc.mTextureSize = 1.0;
lLineDesc.mAltitudeMode = = VgEngine::eAbsolute;

Member Function Documentation

VgLineDescriptorRefPtr VgLineDescriptor.clone ( )

Creates a new descriptor by copyiong another one.

The pointer to the copy.
VgLineDescriptorRefPtr VgLineDescriptor.copy ( )

This method returns a heap-allocated copy of a descriptor. It is one of the only two methods that should be used to instantiate new descriptors. It is a way to make sure no one will delete it, except the last VgRefPtr pointing to it.

static VgLineDescriptorRefPtr VgLineDescriptor.create ( )

This static method returns a new heap-allocated descriptor. It is the only method that should be used to instantiate new descriptors. It is a way to make sure no one will delete it, except the last VgRefPtr pointing to it.

VgAltitudeMode VgLineDescriptor.getMAltitudeMode ( )
VgColorVector VgLineDescriptor.getMColors ( )
boolean VgLineDescriptor.getMHaveCaps ( )
String VgLineDescriptor.getMID ( )
VgLineType VgLineDescriptor.getMLineType ( )
double VgLineDescriptor.getMMaxCornerRadius ( )
float VgLineDescriptor.getMMinTesselationDist ( )
VgPositionVector VgLineDescriptor.getMPositions ( )
VgITextureRefPtr VgLineDescriptor.getMTexture ( )
float VgLineDescriptor.getMTextureAnimationSpeed ( )
float VgLineDescriptor.getMTextureSize ( )
VgDoubleVector VgLineDescriptor.getMWidths ( )
void VgLineDescriptor.setMAltitudeMode ( VgAltitudeMode  value)
void VgLineDescriptor.setMColors ( VgColorVector  value)
void VgLineDescriptor.setMHaveCaps ( boolean  value)
void VgLineDescriptor.setMID ( String  value)
void VgLineDescriptor.setMLineType ( VgLineType  value)
void VgLineDescriptor.setMMaxCornerRadius ( double  value)
void VgLineDescriptor.setMMinTesselationDist ( float  value)
void VgLineDescriptor.setMPositions ( VgPositionVector  value)
void VgLineDescriptor.setMTexture ( VgITextureRefPtr  value)
void VgLineDescriptor.setMTextureAnimationSpeed ( float  value)
void VgLineDescriptor.setMTextureSize ( float  value)
void VgLineDescriptor.setMWidths ( VgDoubleVector  value)

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