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VgLayerConstRefPtr Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 VgLayerConstRefPtr ()
 VgLayerConstRefPtr (VgLayer pPointer)
 VgLayerConstRefPtr (VgLayerConstRefPtr pConstRefPtr)
VgLayerConstRefPtr set (VgLayer pPointer)
VgLayer __ref__ ()
VgLayer __deref__ ()
VgLayer get ()
boolean isValid ()
String getName ()
boolean isVisible ()
float getLODFactor ()
float getLoadFactor ()
VgSRSConstRefPtr getSRS ()
VgAnimationConstRefPtr getAnimation (String pName)
void getAnimationNames (VgStringList pNameList)
VgValue getAnimationChannelValue (String pChannelName)
VgPosition getPosition ()
VgOrientation getOrientation ()
float getScale ()
int getZIndex ()
boolean isDrawnOnTop ()
void ref ()
int unref ()
int getNbReferences ()

Static Public Member Functions

static VgLayerConstRefPtr getNull ()

Detailed Description

This class exposes the layer concept. There are two types of layers, one is the type of layers which come from the XML configuration file. This type of layer can't be instantiated except through XML configuration. The other type of layer (called user created layer) may be instantiated by the user through the VgInstanceFactory class using a VgEngine::VgLayer::Descriptor .


Constructor & Destructor Documentation

VgLayerConstRefPtr.VgLayerConstRefPtr ( )
VgLayerConstRefPtr.VgLayerConstRefPtr ( VgLayer  pPointer)
VgLayerConstRefPtr.VgLayerConstRefPtr ( VgLayerConstRefPtr  pConstRefPtr)

Member Function Documentation

VgLayer VgLayerConstRefPtr.__deref__ ( )
VgLayer VgLayerConstRefPtr.__ref__ ( )
VgLayer VgLayerConstRefPtr.get ( )
VgAnimationConstRefPtr VgLayerConstRefPtr.getAnimation ( String  pName)
VgValue VgLayerConstRefPtr.getAnimationChannelValue ( String  pChannelName)
void VgLayerConstRefPtr.getAnimationNames ( VgStringList  pNameList)
float VgLayerConstRefPtr.getLoadFactor ( )

Gets the load factor of the layer. Only applicable on layers created through XML configuration.

The current load factor.
float VgLayerConstRefPtr.getLODFactor ( )

Gets the LOD factor of the layer. Only applicable on layers created through XML configuration.

The current LOD factor.
String VgLayerConstRefPtr.getName ( )

Get the layer's name.

The layer's name.
int VgLayerConstRefPtr.getNbReferences ( )
static VgLayerConstRefPtr VgLayerConstRefPtr.getNull ( )
VgOrientation VgLayerConstRefPtr.getOrientation ( )
VgPosition VgLayerConstRefPtr.getPosition ( )
float VgLayerConstRefPtr.getScale ( )
VgSRSConstRefPtr VgLayerConstRefPtr.getSRS ( )
The layers SRS
int VgLayerConstRefPtr.getZIndex ( )
boolean VgLayerConstRefPtr.isDrawnOnTop ( )
boolean VgLayerConstRefPtr.isValid ( )
boolean VgLayerConstRefPtr.isVisible ( )

Gets the visibility of the layer.

true if the layer is visible, false if invisible.
void VgLayerConstRefPtr.ref ( )
VgLayerConstRefPtr VgLayerConstRefPtr.set ( VgLayer  pPointer)
int VgLayerConstRefPtr.unref ( )

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