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VgPointDescriptor Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for VgPointDescriptor:
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Public Member Functions

void setMPosition (VgPosition value)
VgPosition getMPosition ()
void setMAltitudeMode (VgAltitudeMode value)
VgAltitudeMode getMAltitudeMode ()
void setMAnchorPosition (VgAnchorMode value)
VgAnchorMode getMAnchorPosition ()
void setMGeometryConstantSizeDistance (float value)
float getMGeometryConstantSizeDistance ()
void setMHeading (float value)
float getMHeading ()
void setMPitch (float value)
float getMPitch ()
void setMRoll (float value)
float getMRoll ()
void setMForceFrontFace (boolean value)
boolean getMForceFrontFace ()
void setMHeadingOrientationType (VgOrientationType value)
VgOrientationType getMHeadingOrientationType ()
void setMPitchOrientationType (VgOrientationType value)
VgOrientationType getMPitchOrientationType ()
void setMRollOrientationType (VgOrientationType value)
VgOrientationType getMRollOrientationType ()
void setMMarkerDescriptors (VgMarkerDescriptorVector value)
VgMarkerDescriptorVector getMMarkerDescriptors ()
void setMID (String value)
String getMID ()
void setMSizePolicy (VgSizePolicy value)
VgSizePolicy getMSizePolicy ()
void setMRectangleWidth (float value)
float getMRectangleWidth ()
void setMRectangleHeight (float value)
float getMRectangleHeight ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from VgGeometryDescriptor
void setMVisibilityRampStartVisible (double value)
double getMVisibilityRampStartVisible ()
void setMVisibilityRampFullyVisible (double value)
double getMVisibilityRampFullyVisible ()
void setMVisibilityRampStartInvisible (double value)
double getMVisibilityRampStartInvisible ()
void setMVisibilityRampFullyInvisible (double value)
double getMVisibilityRampFullyInvisible ()
void setMZIndex (int value)
int getMZIndex ()
void setMDrawOnTop (boolean value)
boolean getMDrawOnTop ()
void setMScale (float value)
float getMScale ()
void setMNotifyPOISelectedOnClick (boolean value)
boolean getMNotifyPOISelectedOnClick ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from VgReferenced
synchronized void release ()
 VgReferenced ()
 VgReferenced (VgReferenced pThis)
void ref ()
int unref ()
int getNbReferences ()

Static Public Member Functions

static VgPointDescriptorRefPtr create ()
static VgPointDescriptorRefPtr create (VgPointDescriptorRefPtr pOther)

Detailed Description

This structure encapsulates the point description parameters.

The VgPointDescriptor contains the all the attributes that are useful for describing the behaviour of a VgPoint object.

Below is a code snippet showing how an allocated VgPointDescriptor can be configured:

Vg3DModule::VgIconMarkerDescriptor lIconMarkerDesc;
VgEngine::VgPosition lPos;
// Allocate a VgPointDescriptor object
Vg3DModule::VgPointDescriptor lPointDesc;
// Configure the object
// Set the point's position anchor.
lPointDesc.mAnchorPosition= VgEngine::eVgBottomCenter;
// Set the points position
lPointDesc.mPosition = lPos;
// Associate the marker with VgPointDescriptor.
// Note: It's possible to associate several markers with a single point.

Member Function Documentation

static VgPointDescriptorRefPtr VgPointDescriptor.create ( )

This static method returns a new heap-allocated descriptor. It is the only method that should be used to instantiate new descriptors. It is a way to make sure no one will delete it, except the last VgRefPtr pointing to it.

static VgPointDescriptorRefPtr VgPointDescriptor.create ( VgPointDescriptorRefPtr  pOther)

This static method returns a new heap-allocated descriptor. It is the only method that should be used to instantiate new descriptors. It is a way to make sure no one will delete it, except the last VgRefPtr pointing to it.

VgAltitudeMode VgPointDescriptor.getMAltitudeMode ( )
VgAnchorMode VgPointDescriptor.getMAnchorPosition ( )
boolean VgPointDescriptor.getMForceFrontFace ( )
float VgPointDescriptor.getMGeometryConstantSizeDistance ( )
float VgPointDescriptor.getMHeading ( )
VgOrientationType VgPointDescriptor.getMHeadingOrientationType ( )
String VgPointDescriptor.getMID ( )
VgMarkerDescriptorVector VgPointDescriptor.getMMarkerDescriptors ( )
float VgPointDescriptor.getMPitch ( )
VgOrientationType VgPointDescriptor.getMPitchOrientationType ( )
VgPosition VgPointDescriptor.getMPosition ( )
float VgPointDescriptor.getMRectangleHeight ( )
float VgPointDescriptor.getMRectangleWidth ( )
float VgPointDescriptor.getMRoll ( )
VgOrientationType VgPointDescriptor.getMRollOrientationType ( )
VgSizePolicy VgPointDescriptor.getMSizePolicy ( )
void VgPointDescriptor.setMAltitudeMode ( VgAltitudeMode  value)
void VgPointDescriptor.setMAnchorPosition ( VgAnchorMode  value)
void VgPointDescriptor.setMForceFrontFace ( boolean  value)
void VgPointDescriptor.setMGeometryConstantSizeDistance ( float  value)
void VgPointDescriptor.setMHeading ( float  value)
void VgPointDescriptor.setMHeadingOrientationType ( VgOrientationType  value)
void VgPointDescriptor.setMID ( String  value)
void VgPointDescriptor.setMMarkerDescriptors ( VgMarkerDescriptorVector  value)
void VgPointDescriptor.setMPitch ( float  value)
void VgPointDescriptor.setMPitchOrientationType ( VgOrientationType  value)
void VgPointDescriptor.setMPosition ( VgPosition  value)
void VgPointDescriptor.setMRectangleHeight ( float  value)
void VgPointDescriptor.setMRectangleWidth ( float  value)
void VgPointDescriptor.setMRoll ( float  value)
void VgPointDescriptor.setMRollOrientationType ( VgOrientationType  value)
void VgPointDescriptor.setMSizePolicy ( VgSizePolicy  value)

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