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VgIRoutingNodeParameters Class Reference

Public Member Functions

void setMOption (VgIRoutingNodeOption value)
VgIRoutingNodeOption getMOption ()
void setMDistanceThreshold (float value)
float getMDistanceThreshold ()
void setMLayerName (String value)
String getMLayerName ()
void setMExcludedEdgeModalities (VgStringSet value)
VgStringSet getMExcludedEdgeModalities ()
 VgIRoutingNodeParameters ()

Detailed Description

An object containing parameters to perform a getRoutingNode from a position.


Constructor & Destructor Documentation

VgIRoutingNodeParameters.VgIRoutingNodeParameters ( )

Member Function Documentation

float VgIRoutingNodeParameters.getMDistanceThreshold ( )
VgStringSet VgIRoutingNodeParameters.getMExcludedEdgeModalities ( )
String VgIRoutingNodeParameters.getMLayerName ( )
VgIRoutingNodeOption VgIRoutingNodeParameters.getMOption ( )
void VgIRoutingNodeParameters.setMDistanceThreshold ( float  value)
void VgIRoutingNodeParameters.setMExcludedEdgeModalities ( VgStringSet  value)
void VgIRoutingNodeParameters.setMLayerName ( String  value)
void VgIRoutingNodeParameters.setMOption ( VgIRoutingNodeOption  value)

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