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VgIPlaceListener Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

void swigReleaseOwnership ()
void swigTakeOwnership ()
void notifyPlaceSelected (VgIApplication pVgApplication, String pID, VgPosition pPosition)
void notifyMapDatabaseLoaded (VgIApplication pVgApplication)
- Public Member Functions inherited from VgReferenced
synchronized void release ()
 VgReferenced ()
 VgReferenced (VgReferenced pThis)
void ref ()
int unref ()
int getNbReferences ()

Detailed Description

The VgIPlaceListener allow users to be notified of Place related events that occur within the map module where the listener has been registered. An example of a Place related event is the nofity place selected event.

Member Function Documentation

void VgIPlaceListener.notifyMapDatabaseLoaded ( VgIApplication  pVgApplication)

This method is called when all places have been loaded. Usually after selectDataset, or when a listener is added after the dataset has been selected.

pVgApplicationthe source of the event.
void VgIPlaceListener.notifyPlaceSelected ( VgIApplication  pVgApplication,
String  pID,
VgPosition  pPosition 

This method is called when a place has been selected.

pVgApplicationthe source of the event.
pIDthe place descriptor ID.
pPositionthe view point position of the selected place
void VgIPlaceListener.swigReleaseOwnership ( )
void VgIPlaceListener.swigTakeOwnership ( )

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