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VgIManipulatorManager Class Reference

Public Member Functions

boolean selectManipulator (String pName)
String getCurrentManipulator ()
VgManipulator editManipulatorObject (String pManipulatorName)

Detailed Description

The VgIManipulatorManager interface is used to choose the way the user will interact with the Open GL surface.

Supported manipulators Currently, the following manipulators are supported:

For example, the "3D" manipulator supports various user-interactions on a touch-screen :

The below code snippets demonstrates how to select the "3D" manipulator.

bool lSuccess = mVgApp->editManipulatorManager()->selectManipulator("3D");
2.1.0 updated documentation

Member Function Documentation

VgManipulator VgIManipulatorManager.editManipulatorObject ( String  pManipulatorName)

Returns a VgApplication::VgManipulator instance given its name. It returns NULL if the specified manipulator has no public interface.

pManipulatorNameName of the manipulator to retrieve.
A VgApplication::VgManipulator pointer or NULL.
String VgIManipulatorManager.getCurrentManipulator ( )

Returns the current manipulator's name, should be called after VgEngine::VgIDatabase::selectDataset()

The default manipulator for maps is the 2D manipulator, it can be different for other datasets.

2.1.3 added note on default manipulator.
boolean VgIManipulatorManager.selectManipulator ( String  pName)

Selects the current manipulator.

Having an active manipulator is almost always desired to provide the user with a mechanism to interact with the scene. Interaction is handled intuitively for the various hardware. For touch-screen devices, the view can be manipulated by dragging a finger. For other devices, view manipulation can be detected via the keypad.

The default manipulator at startup depends on what is defined within the dataset configuration. For more information regarding the configuring dataset, see Data bundle configuration .
pNameThe name of the manipulator. Supported manipulators are: "2D", "3D", "animation", "simpleGesture", "simpleTrackball"

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