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VgQuery Class Reference


class  Operator

Public Member Functions

 VgQuery ()
VgQuery where (String pKey, VgQuery.Operator pOp, String pValue)
VgQuery reset ()

Detailed Description

Holds a query that could be executed by the engine.

Performance note: this query mechanism should not be used intensively.
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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

VgQuery.VgQuery ( )


Member Function Documentation

VgQuery VgQuery.reset ( )

Resets the VgQuery conditions, useful when reusing VgQuery 's

A reference of itself, allowing calls to be chained.
VgQuery VgQuery.where ( String  pKey,
VgQuery.Operator  pOp,
String  pValue 

Adds a condition to the query. If the pKey has already been used replaces the condition for that key. ie lQuery.where("ID",...,"A").where("ID",...,"B") is equivalent to lQuery.where("ID",...,"B")


// Query for an specific ID
VgEngine::VgQuery lQuery;
lSpatials = lEngine->execute(lQuery.where("ID",VgEngine::VgQuery::eEquals,"L-250"));
// Query all VgPoint
VgEngine::VgQuery lQueryAll;
lSpatials = lEngine->execute(lQueryAll.where("class",VgEngine::VgQuery::eEquals,"Vg3DModule::VgPoint"));
pKeyCurrently, the key can be 'class' or 'ID'.
pOpThe operation to be performed by the query. For the list of available operations, see VgEngine::VgQuery::Operator .
pValueThe value that will be the object of the query operation. When using the key 'class' this value must be the fully qualified name, for example ' Vg3DModule::VgPoint '. Currently, Vg3DModule::VgPoint , Vg3DModule::VgLine , Vg3DModule::VgIGeometry , and VgEngine::VgSpatial can be queried.
2.1.0 Allows for Vg3DModule::VgLine
2.1.3 documented all the classes that are accessible.
See also
VgEngine::VgIEngine::execute for more complete example.
A reference of itself, allowing calls to be chained.

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